Amalorpavam Educational Welfare Society is a society registered under Societies Registration Act and it is managing two educational institutions namely Amalorpavam Hr.Sec.School (Matriculation School) founded on 26th April 1984 and Amalorpavam Lourds Academy(CBSE School) founded on 07.06.2015. It has started with a humble beginning and it has sprouted and branched out and today it stands rooted firmly in the town as a beacon, lighting the torch of learning in every child that thirsts for knowledge under its roof. Both the institutions are Self Financed Minority Educational Institutions.

Our institutions are provided with spacious buildings and every available latest facilities which not every school provides in Puducherry. The school atmosphere is designed to make it highly conducive for learning and for the wholesome development of the students. It uphold learner centric traditional values while adopting contemporary pedagogies. Every individual entering the school from diverse backgrounds, will carry with him/her a unique streaks of values, traditions and cultures, inculcated with true educational values and skills for life. With effective mentoring, nurturing and care, these diamonds in the rough will be transformed into priceless gems.

Please Note : Since both the institutions are managed in common by Amalorpavam Educational Welfare Society, a common payment gateway in maintained in the name of www.amalpay.in for the convenience of our Parents.